Lack of skills coupled with the absence of opportunities for growth and development is a catalyst to violent extremism in communities. Young boys and girls without sustainable expertise and abilities are susceptible to be lured into perpetrating criminal and violent acts. As part of efforts to cushion the aggravation of young children in communities being radicalized and recruited into violent sects, Women Environmental Programme (WEP) has established Solar-powered Digital/Creative Computer Laboratories in secondary schools across Ado, Agatu, Buruku, Guma, Logo and kwande LGAs of Benue state.
This intervention is funded by Global Community for Engagement and Resilience Fund (GCERF) on her PVE project “Connecting Women and Children in Violent Extremist prone areas through empowerment and Skills Acquisition Phase II”. The aim of these laboratories is to reduce the vulnerability of young boys and girls succumbing to violent extremist groups. It is expected that these facilities will harness the skill set of students in secondary schools and also offer computer skills, knowledge and training to them in a way that renders them useful to themselves and their communities while they are in and out of school. We believe enhanced skills will better the prospects of these young children and makes them less liable to recruitment and radicalization to violent extremism.