The prevalent level of crime, violence and terrorism across the country today is a great concern. Insecurity has devastating impacts on community life particularly as peace is a prerequisite for development and social change. The porous state of existing security structures and the inadequacy of peace builders are continually fostering violence extremism in communities.
In line with her mandate to build safer and peaceful communities, Women Environmental Programme (WEP) is nurturing young boys and girls as peace ambassadors to advocate for peace within and outside their communities. These young children are being trained on peace building in Peace Clubs set up in their schools. They are imparted with knowledge on lasting solutions to resolving conflicts. The peace clubs are expected to equip school children with the requisite attitude and skill to fight crime, shun violence, promote peace and resist extremist ideologies.
These peace clubs are running in various secondary schools across Ado, Agatu, Buruku, Guma, Logo and Kwande LGAs of Benue state. This initiative is an intervention under the Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund (GCERF) funded PVE project “Connecting Women and Children in Violent Extremist prone areas through empowerment and Skills Acquisition Phase II”