Women Environmental Programme (WEP) was represented at the 3rd Annual Symposium of the Sustainable Futures for Africa (SFA). This year’s symposium themed “Thinking Forward with Strategic Planning and New Partnership” was hosted by Makarere University Uganda. Members from four(4) country hubs were in attendance, they include; Uganda, Malawi, Nigeria, Botswana and the lead research institute from The University of Glasgow.

The three day symposium featured presentation from the country hub’s activities, engagement with Community structure , strategic planning process and identifying specific actions about the outcomes if the strategic planning process. The network is an interdisciplinary collective that brings together researchers, educators, artist, NGOs and community of practice that acknowledge the situated complex nature of practices and conception if sustainability.

A presentation during the symposium
Participants shake up during a session
Deputy Executive Director of WEP, Mrs. Kyauta Giwa (third right) poses with members of the Nigerian SFA network and the global co-chairs