Women Environmental Programme (WEP) staff participated in a two-day intensive capacity training on communication skills & digital communication and strategic partnership and networking on the 6th – 7th April 2021 at Brookville Hotel and Suites, Lokogoma, Abuja. The capacity building workshop was an opportunity for the development of WEP staff in communication skills to learn new strategic ways to engage with partners and beneficiaries. WEP is already successfully leveraging on her relationship with stakeholders and partners to create new programming initiatives  and build her reputation further within the development sector.








The training on communication skills & digital communication gave staff in-depth insight on how emerging communication skills can be effectively used to communicate WEP’s work using digital tools and processes with the aim of improving the organization’s visibility.

The strategic partnership and networking training focused on strategies that could be used to leverage on the existing relationships with partners & donors, and also fundamentals of proposal development process as key drivers to resource mobilization and sustainability of the organization. Some of the key lessons was that a proposal developer must demonstrate an adequate knowledge and understanding of the problem, context of problem the proposal seeks to address. Also, components of a proposal development were reiterated for emphasis; development of a log frame, Innovation, Value for Money and other cross cutting issues, budgeting and importantly networking and strategic partnership building for fund raising.








This capacity building workshop is part of the Resilient Organizations in Changing Civic Spaces (ROCCS) Assessment to gauge organizations preparedness for sudden changes in their operating environment. The ROCCS Assessment has been an opportunity for joint reflection and discussion amongst WEP staff and the resiliency Coaching Team. This exercise is aimed at the identification and implementation of short and mid-term strategies that can contribute to increase WEP’s resiliency.  It promises to strengthen capacity and enable WEP adapt swiftly and purposefully to sudden changes or shocks to the civic space and its operating environment to survive and also thrive in uncertain environments.








Sixteen (16) WEP staff representing the various departments i.e. programs, human resource, accounting departments, as well as auxiliary staff  participated actively in the capacity training. This capacity development activity has increased knowledge and creative mind-sets of WEP staff.