Women Environmental Programme (WEP)  through the Women2030 sub-grants supported Community Agriculture and Environmental Protection Association CAEPA Cameroon to implement an action that aimed to prevent inhumane treatment of widows and guarntee their rights in Bali Chamba communities in Cameroon’s North West region.

The project advocated against this inhumane treatment of widows among traditional and religious institutions and government, and strengthened the advocacy capacity of widows to engage to ensuring their rights.

According to CAEPA Cameroon, “Widows often have to fight abuse and maltreatment with almost no help from any one. They are made to sleep on the floor, tie round their waist a meter of white cloth and leave breast uncovered and eat from a calabash, They are refused visitors and denied the chance to leave the house, even when their livelihoods depend on it. They are also forced to remarry either their brother-in-law or father-in-law and upon refusal they are disinherited of their late husband’s property among many other practices that reduce them to object of scorn.”

See videos of some widows who gave testimonies of how useful they found this intervention