Women Environmental Programme (WEP) is building the capacities of young people to become more resilient to radicalization to violent extremism by enhancing their sense of belonging and self-worth. WEP is effectively instilling a sense of purpose and providing guidance to these youths through monthly mentorship sessions in their communities. These meetings provide a platform for mentees to engage, learn, share knowledge and experiences from their everyday lives. They are imparted with skills and knowledge to build a purposeful life and cope with daily challenges. Participants are mentored to highly value diversity, unity and social justice in community development and nation building. We expect that these youths will be resistant to promote or perpetrate violence acts. This mentorship programme is part of WEP’s intervention under the project “Connecting Women and Youth in Violent Extremist Prone Areas Through Empowerment and Skills Acquisition Phase II” being implemented in Ado, Agatu, Buruku, Guma, Logo and Kwande LGAs of Benue state with funding from Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund (GCERF).