In the last quarter of 2016, Women Environmental Programme (WEP) benefitted from the African Women Development Fund’s (AWDF) Feminist Leaders and Governance Coaching Project.

The 9-month coaching project on leadership and governance was aimed at strengthening the leadership capacity and governance frameworks of women organizations in Africa for transformational change for women and girls.

Kick-starting the coaching project, AWDF organized a Chief Executive Officers (CEO) forum which took place from 15 – 17 November 2016 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya, for orientation, skills sharing, strategy development and networking for participating leaders, coaches and AWDF. WEP was represented in this training by Ms Evelyne Ugbe and Juliana Agema. The participants to this training were assigned coaches by AWDF for continuous interaction via phone calls, emails, Skype and where necessary in-person meetings.

In the first quarter of 2017, precisely on 8th March, based on AWDF’s Feminist Leaders and Governance Coaching Project goal to strengthen governance frameworks of participating organizations, a one day workshop for organizational strengthening was organized for WEP’s Board of Directors and Management Staff. The interactive workshop which was facilitated by AWDF’s Coach, Dr. Yene Asigidi, had the objective to inspire strategic thinking among the Board of Directors and Management Staff towards a better governance of the organization.

The envisioning exercise during the workshop made all the participants to see WEP beyond what WEP is today. There were different visions about WEP ranging from: WEP as a global organization, WEP as grant making organization, WEP as an advisor to national and global environment, gender and sustainable development issues etc.

The outcome of this workshop was the review of WEP’s governance structure, mission and vision. The reviewed governance structure, mission and vision will be unveiled to the general public in due course.